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Are you a good match for ATX Dermatology?

Everyone who finds us is seeking healthy skin, so we know one thing for certain straight away: you want to feel good in your skin again.

Many of our patients have always been inclined to seek out alternatives to conventional medicine.  They’ve always been more interested in getting to the root of things than in masking or managing symptoms.  When these people find themselves faced with a skin problem, they are relieved and encouraged to discover that ATX Dermatology is a clinic founded on that premise.

Many others of our patients have already sought (and often found) relief through conventional medicine, but are increasingly curious about other options.  They are growing concerned about the long-term ramifications of their internal or topical steroid use, they're hesitant to take the heavy-hitting immune-suppressant drugs being recommended to them, or they want an alternative to being on antibiotics or birth control pills for the rest of their lives.

Still others stumble upon us out of sheer desperation.  Their conditions have proven persistently unresponsive to conventional approaches, or their skin—once stable—is now deteriorating despite continued treatment. They are desperate for relief and don't know where to turn.

Wherever you find yourself on your journey, we're here to help and we're glad you've found us


ATX Dermatology
It's time to feel good in your skin again.

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Are you a match? - ATX Dermatology in South Portland, ME