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"I have been struggling with light to heavy eczema on my hands since 1993. Dryness and stress were exacerbating factors, and western-medicine prescribed topical creams never really solved the issue. Modifying diet and environment has had some effect. The most successful intervention to date has been the Chinese medicine 'teas' prescribed by Alexa at ATX Acupuncture. Inflammation, redness, dryness and skin fissuring/breaking were reduced within 3 weeks. The healing response plateaued after 5-6 weeks and Alexa tweaked the herbal recipe to approach the problem from a different direction. The response rekindled and my hands continued to heal until I felt like I was back to normal. This is important for a massage therapist, as my hands are the tools of my trade. I feel optimistic for the management of future flare ups, and this gives me a lot of comfort."
-EH, March 2018

I am an older woman who came to ATX Acupuncture in desperation for my skin condition which was getting worse.  In spite of repeated visits to my dermatologist and many topical ointments, the condition was getting worse.  I knew intuitively that what was being manifested outwardly was the result of something happening inwardly.   A computer search led me to Alexa Gilmore at ATX Acupuncture.  At our first visit, she was very thorough in questioning me as to my diet and other aspects of my life that might be contributing to this condition.  She recommended a remedy which I took internally and which eliminated the condition completely.  I am extremely happy with the outcome and would recommend Alexa to anybody needing a solution to a difficult problem.
-SK, Aug 2017

ECZEMA: "It hurt to hug my husband..."
"I’ve had eczema all my life. The severity of the flare-ups varied over the years and could be easily triggered by allergies, hot or very cold weather, and stress. Over the past 5 years my skin was more often irritated than not. It was embarrassing and painful. I had many nights where I didn’t sleep because I was so itchy and uncomfortable. There were weeks when my entire body was so red, flaky and swollen that I struggled to get dressed in the morning. It hurt to move, it hurt to sit still, and it hurt to hug my husband. I had always relied on dermatologists to help ease the discomfort and clear my skin. They prescribed stronger and stronger steroids that would work for a while and then the effectiveness would wane. They finally suggested I take immune suppressants, which scared me. There were many side effects that I was not comfortable accepting.

"I decided to look for an alternative. I was hopeful I could find relief and become healthy through less invasive methods. After searching online I found Alexa Gilmore and ATX Acupuncture. I read several articles about how Alexa had helped others with severe eczema, so set up an appointment to meet with her. I was so impressed that she wanted to know about me as a whole person – details about my mood, exercise and diet, what foods I craved and my sleep patterns. She asked a lot of questions about my life and genuinely cared about what I was saying. She recommended a treatment of acupuncture and Chinese herbal teas. At first I saw her once a week and drank the teas twice a day. It was slow progress, but after a few weeks my skin wasn’t as red, swollen and hot. I could sleep at night, which was a huge relief. Alexa monitored my skin changes and continued to ask questions about me and my life in a comforting, empathetic manner. She changed the tea formulas as my skin and body slowly healed. I was becoming healthier. First, the redness and swelling went away, then the flaking and itchiness. After about 5 months of treatment my skin felt normal and I felt normal. I travel a lot for work and on a recent trip several people mentioned that I seemed much happier. I am. Now I sleep through the night, get dressed and hug my husband without pain, and move throughout the day without feeling restless. My thoughts are clearer and I can focus on my home, my work and my interests. It feels great to be healthy again."
-LB, May 2016

"Having seen before and after pictures of the success Alexa has had in treating skin conditions prompted me to call her during my most recent outbreak of eczema. I had intensely itchy, large patches on my hips, thighs and abdomen that I had self-treated for about a week...unsuccessfully. After the first treatment with Alexa, the itching reduced dramatically. I continued with occasional acupuncture supplemented with a prescribed herbal tea and finally a topical cream. My skin is now completely clear. I would highly recommend Alexa for any skin eruption. Just don't wait a week to call her like I did."
-IL, Dec 2014

"When I sought out treatment with Alexa Gilmore, it was upon referral from a colleague of hers that I had seen for acupuncture.  I had begun to develop hives on my arms.  When I had finally gone for treatment, after realizing the hives weren’t going away on their own, my then current acupuncturist referred me to Alexa rather quickly.  He told me she specialized in skin conditions.  And he was absolutely correct!!

"Even without having previous experience with herbs, I was immediately hopeful after my initial appointment with Alexa.  She was somehow able to translate what I was able to convey to her around my symptoms and my observations, into a language that fit into Chinese medicine.  And our conversations matched, curiously so, even though at times it felt like she was interpreting my words into a different language; one that got us to the correct, necessary and powerful concoction of herbal tea that sent me on my way to healing.

"Coming from someone who has a strong belief that the body has the potential to heal itself, I was very hesitant about taking any medications that would suppress this process that I saw as cathartic.  The herbs Alexa prescribed, without question, left me feeling like my body was still fully able to purge and rid itself of all it was clearing through this intense hive outbreak, while allowing me to manage the symptoms on a much smaller scale.  Alexa was keenly aware of my desire to not shut down this process and was able to walk me though this trying time of intense physical sensation.

"As a practitioner myself, I hold a high level of quality that I give and receive.  Alexa is without a doubt, a top notch practitioner that has helped me tremendously.  Her knowledge, wisdom and sense of intuition is an excellent combination.  I am grateful to have her on my small team of ‘go-to’ practitioners that bring their best to the table."
-RA, Oct 2014

"I have been suffering with psoriasis for approximately 12-13 years. I had no idea what it was at first so went to a dermatologist in California as we were living there at the time 1998-2004. I was then diagnosed having psoriasis and the doctor prescribed various medications which unfortunately did not help. The condition worsened but I kept going back for monthly appointments as I did not know what else to do. Skin condition-go to a dermatologist! After a couple of years of frustration with NO IMPROVEMENT I stopped going. We moved to NH in 2004 so I thought I would seek help here and went to a dermatologist in Massachusetts and same thing happened—they prescribed ointments and foams and creams that DID NOT WORK. Through various other required treatments that were necessary for my health, someone recommended that I try Chinese Herbal Medicine and encouraged me to see this wonderful young woman Alexa Gilmore. What did I have to lose—NOTHING.

"I have been under the care of Alexa since mid November 2013 who for me has been a Miracle Worker. My skin is practically all cleared up—the constant scratching has stopped and the embarrassing flaking of my skin HAS GONE AWAY. I am a believer and you should be too. Alexa is competent at providing comfort to people with various physical ailments (check out her website). My experience with Alexa was psoriasis and I highly recommend that any one suffering from psoriasis or other skin issues give Alexa a phone call or EMAIL her."
-TG, March 2014

"A number of years ago I developed red, dry skin bumps all over my back. During the winter months these bumps were particularly itchy and uncomfortable. If they were irritated at all - like when rubbing with a washcloth - they might ooze and bleed as well. Dermatologists were baffled, unable to identify the condition or suggest a treatment other than applying lotions for dry skin. I had pretty much resigned myself to having this problem forever. Although I had little hope that there could be a resolution to my problem, I talked to Alexa Gilmore, thinking that herbs or acupuncture might help. She attentively listened to my story, asked many questions and examined my back. She prescribed herbs that I took twice a day in the form of a hot tea. After a few weeks the number of skin bumps was greatly reduced while those
that remained were less inflamed. I continued taking the herbs for just 2 more
months. At this point much of my back was clear and the itching gone. It has been over a year since the treatment and there has been no increase in breakouts. I am so pleased and grateful that Alexa could offer a solution that no one else could!"
​-SH, March 2013​


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