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Treatment Approach

Healing Your Skin From the Inside Out

Internal herbal medicine is the mainstay of treatment for skin disease. For thousands of years, doctors of Chinese medicine have relied on individualized herbal teas as the primary method for healing the skin. In modern practice, herbal teas continue to prove themselves safe and effective in resolving skin disease and fortifying the system against relapse.

Your options:

1. Pre-cooked tea
At ATX Dermatology, our primary treatment approach is with pre-cooked teas. We write you a script containing anywhere from 8-16 distinct herbs, then utilize the cooking machines at Kamwo Pharmacy in New York, NY to cook and package it. This stainless steel pressure-cooking technology is found in hospitals throughout many parts of the world, and produces a potent medicinal tea, delivered directly to your home in easy-to-use and ready-to-drink pouches. In the majority if cases this approach is the most effective option.  

2. Powdered herbs
Generally speaking, we only prescribe powdered herbs for mild cases or short periods of time (as a stopgap measure for a week of business travel or vacation, for example, if you'll not be checking luggage). Put simply, most skin conditions are too recalcitrant to budge in the face of anything but our strongest tools: we simply can't get concentrations of the herbs high enough in a powdered format to affect change. That said, there are occasionally circumstances under which we prescribed powders, successfully. We assess and prescribe on a case by case basis.

3. Herbal capsules
Similar to powdered herbs in strength, though more expensive due the encapsulation process. We save this approach for people who truly can't bear the taste of the internal tea. It is a treatment of last resort.

We may recommend topical medicine in addition to your internal herbs. In some cases, topicals prove almost as important as internal medicines in calming the skin. We carry a variety of highly effective creams, tinctures, lotions, powders, and salves produced by colleagues in the field of Chinese medical dermatology and generally not available for sale directly to the public. 

I am often asked if acupuncture alone can help with skin disease. The short answer is no. Acupuncture is an incredibly effective tool for a wide variety of ailments, but it's not the right tool to treat most skin disease. We may recommend acupuncture as an adjunctive treatment in certain cases--particularly those marked by extreme stress or anxiety--but herbal medicine will always be our primary tool.


Treatment Approach - ATX Dermatology in South Portland, ME
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Treatment Approach - ATX Dermatology in South Portland, ME