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Treatment Expectations

What can we expect of each other?
Our work at ATX Dermatology is a joy and a calling. We are committed to excellence, constantly learning and refining our craft. We are committed to you, and will call forth all of our accumulated knowledge and skill to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your skin. Our commitment to your best interest includes referring you out to other practitioners if we feel we're not (or are no longer) the best clinic to serve your needs.

A successful partnership requires cooperation and mutual trust.  We are committed to providing you with the best possible care, and we ask that you participate in this effort to the best of your ability. Remember that we do not heal you--we provide your body with tools to help it heal itself. Your healing comes from within.

How long will it take?
Treatment times vary depending on the severity of your complaint, your underlying health status, your willingness to make and maintain dietary and lifestyle modifications in service of your health, and how your body responds to treatment. In short, it can take anywhere from two weeks (acute impetigo or athlete's foot) to well over a year (complex psoriasis or eczema).  

If you choose to work with ATX on your skin condition, our recommendation is that you commit to a minimum of three months of treatment at the outset. We do not hold you to this, it's simply a suggestion to get you oriented around the process of working together. While the results can be astonishing, Chinese medicine in not a "quick fix." We do not have a magical herbal skin potion to clear what ails you overnight--we wish we did. Treatment takes time, cooperation, and partnership. It is a process that is well-served by patience and commitment.

How much will it cost?
Initial consultation and exam: $225-$275
Follow-up visits (every 2-6 weeks depending on where we are in your treatment plan): $55-75

Cost of herbs can be variable, but $11/day plus tax and shipping is a good ballpark for budgeting purposes.
Topicals range from $12-$50

There are not currently any insurance plans that cover Chinese herbal medicine. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that either your office visits or tea costs will be covered, even if you have acupuncture coverage as part of your plan. Depending on its structure, you may be able to use funds in an HSA or FSA toward office visits and/or herbal medicine. Payment is due at time of service, but our office can provide you with any necessary receipts to submit for reimbursement.


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