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Why choose to work with ATX Dermatology?

Why choose ATX Dermatology? There are many reasons, and they are scattered all throughout this website. A few additional specific ones, since you ask:

1. We are the only Chinese medicine clinic in New England to specialize in dermatology. While any skilled Chinese medicine herbalist is equipped to manage minor skin complaints, at ATX Dermatology we have extensive specialty training in skin disease. Think of it like visiting your western primary care doctor versus your western dermatologist--at a certain point, it's best to consult a specialist.

2. We design all treatments based on the individual, not based on the disease. There is no magic psoriasis potion. (Sorry.) Your formulation is prescribed specifically for you, and it will change over time as your skin and other symptoms change.

3. We utilize the cooking machines at Kamwo Pharmacy in New York City to cook and package most of our patients' herbal prescriptions. This stainless steel pressure-cooking technology is found in hospitals throughout many parts of the world, and produces a potent medicinal tea in easy-to-use and ready-to-drink pouches, delivered directly to your home.

4. We stock high-quality ointments, tinctures, creams, and lotions produced by colleagues in the field of Chinese medical dermatology and generally not available for sale directly to the public. In many cases, the addition of an appropriate external medication can potentiate the action of the internal medicinals and expedite your healing.

5. We like objectivity. We take photos of your skin at every visit and honestly assess the changes we see--or don't see. These photos are invaluable to our diagnosis, and tend to be rewarding for all parties as we track progress and change over time.

6. We believe in you. Our job is to give your body the tools it needs; your body takes those tools and heals itself. We believe in its incredible capacity to do so.


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Why work with us? - ATX Dermatology in South Portland, ME